Bespoke Products

Our in house design team have all that is required to create the perfect attachment for your job. With CAD software and precision workshop machinery coupled with over 40 years experience we are able to create effective and money saving solutions. Below are some examples, including an excavator mounted pan mixer and a lifting jib attachment.


 The excavator mounted pan mixer is ideal for mixing concrete in remote locations that would otherwise require concrete to be transported to the job by helicopter or other costly means. It can also be useful for mixing small amounts of concrete on demand rather than having the pressure of unloading a concrete mixer within a short time period. Another obvious advantage of the mixer being excavator mounted is that it can save the need to hire a concrete pump because concrete can be poured in places on a site that a truck would struggle to get to.

Pan mixer


























The lifting jib attachment was created for a customer that needed to lift roof trusses onto a house but due to the location was unable to hire in a crane. Having looked at various options, including a telehandler, the customer was unable to find a cost effective and safe solution.  We worked together and designed this with this cost effective solution on CAD and then had it tested which enabled him to complete his project on time safely.  Lifting Jib